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A Simple Solution


A Simple Solution

Featured Video: The Story of BRAC

Fazle Hasan Abed claims he is no miracle worker, but most of his colleagues would dispute that. Almost single-handedly, he has helped some of the world's poorest countries provide better health care for all their citizens. As founder and chairperson of BRAC, Abed has garnered international attention for creating what many experts deem the most effective non-governmental organization [NGO] in the world.

This video made by PBS shows how BRAC is transforming lives by reaching out to millions of people in villages and helping them get out of the vicious circle of poverty. The organization that was started for disaster relief, BRAC now focuses on long term development. Watch this video to see how Abed and 100,000 people employed by BRAC have changed lives since 1970's. Courtesy PBS

Oral Rehydration Salts - Public Service Announcement Videos
by UNICEF India

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A Simple Solution


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